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Just for the fun of it we decided to animate “It’s Full of Stars”.
By FalcaoLucas


Just for the fun of it we decided to animate “It’s Full of Stars”.

By FalcaoLucas




is this how straight people have sex?

I an assure you no


not all of us can be hardcore

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'because the internet' movie poster.

by. Sam Spratt

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Look, I spent the vast majority of my life waking up at 1pm and wasting most of my day doing some variation of “nothing”. I was a below average student prior to college and a well-below average human during. I didn’t find some useful tidbit of information or motivational quote to stop being this way, I didn’t gradually gain a work ethic by following certain steps, can’t say I found spiritual powers, and I’ve never stopped being the easily distracted person that I’ve always been. Bees.

It’s not a rare secret or hidden factoid that to get good at anything you need to put an enormous amount of time and effort into it. It’s truly the most basic shit in the world — I know it’s hard to do, that’s why people write 300 page self-help books about it: getting people to buy a book they’ll never read to help themselves is easier than actually doing anything. All I did to change is: one day, I just decided to actually do it. I woke up early, got coffee, got shit done, then continued to get shit done for nearly every hour I was awake, and have been repeating that ever since.

That’s it. Put your time and effort into things that are meaningful to you and give up the rest. It’s basic. Wake up earlier. Do unimportant things less. Work more. Work when you’re feeling uninspired, when you’re sick, when you’re tired, when you want to go oontz oontz clubbing, when you want to quit everything and lay on the ground scrolling through tumblr … just … work instead. If sitting cross-legged with a laptop on your bed eating cronuts and watching that show about that thing you don’t even like on Netflix, fulfills you, then … go nuts. But if you feel guilty about it? Go get shit done. Sorry for yelling. I love you.

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